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FCC SDoC Certification FAQ

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SDoC, namely Supplier's Declaration of Conformity, the equipment supplier will test the equipment that meets the specified standards or requirements, and the equipment that meets the requirements must provide relevant documents (such as the SDoC declaration document) to provide proof to the public. Now we will summarize some problems that are often encountered when applying for FCC SDOC certification, hoping to help your products pass the FCC SDOC certification smoothly.

For FCC SDoC, the responsible party needs to provide a declaration document before shipping and selling. How to find the responsible party?
The FCC of the United States has made regulations on the responsible party, the purpose of which is that the United States can find the responsible person as soon as possible in the event of random market inspections. Therefore, the responsible parties are stipulated as follows:
1) The responsible party must be a local company in the United States;
2) The responsible party can be the manufacturer, assembler, importer;
3) The responsible party must be required to provide products, test reports, corresponding records, etc. during the random inspection of the FCC market to ensure that the product complies with the FCC SDoC procedure;
4) The responsible party shall add the declaration of conformity document to the accompanying documents of the equipment,
It is suggested that the customer directly choose the first importer or find some local agency companies in the United States as the responsible party;

Are there any specific requirements for the content of the FCC SDoC declaration document?
According to FCC regulation 2.1077, the content of the statement file should include:
1) Product information: such as product name, model, etc.;
2) FCC compliance warnings;
3) US responsible party information: company name, address, telephone number or Internet contact information;
The declaration document requires that the product be shipped and sold together;

In what form should the FCC SDoC statement be shipped?
Declaration documents can take the following two forms:
1) A separate page, together with the manual, is shipped with the product (Note: each product is required, not issued according to the shipment batch)
2) Directly let the information contained in the declaration document be placed in the manual for shipment;

Which third-party certification testing company can do FCC SDoC certification?
GCDCs, focusing on wireless products and other certification testing, has 2 EMC testing laboratories, can handle FCC SDoC certification, Denggong hotline: 4007558988.

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