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Do wireless products only need to do FCC ID

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Do wireless products only need to do FCC ID? the

If there are wireless products that need to be exported to the United States, do we only need to have an FCC ID certification? Today, the editor is here to share some relevant knowledge with you, come and have a look!

First of all, we need to understand the FCC certification. It has two types of certification: FCC SDoC and FCC Certification.


One: Coverage: FCC Part 15 Sub Part B and FCC Part 18. Mainly IT, AV, LED, computer and computer peripheral equipment and other non-intentional launch products.

Two: The applicant needs to have a local agent in the United States, and the FCC Sdoc Letter needs to be attached to the product package to remind consumers or regulators.

Three: All non-intentional emission products can also apply for FCC ID, which is the biggest change from the previous certification. That is to say, customers can choose the certification type according to their own requirements for the product.

2.FCC Certification

That is what we often call FCC ID certification

1. Covers all wireless transmission products, whether it is a license-free intentional emission device or an intentional emission product that requires a license.

2. Covering FCC Part 15 C&D&E&F and PART 22, 24, 27, 90, etc.

3. The certificate needs to be issued by a TCB-qualified testing agency or FCC and uploaded to FCC.

Certification Process      

1. Samples received

2. Arrange testing

3. Pass the test and write a report

4. Customer confirmation report

5. Organize data and report and submit to TCB

6. After the TCB audit is passed, the certificate will be issued

CMG summary:
If a wireless product applies for an FCC ID and has functions other than wireless, the product also needs to meet the FCC SDOC certification. Unless this product only has wireless functions, such as wireless charging, wireless modules, wired Bluetooth headsets, etc. In other words, apart from the above three types of products, we need to consider doing FCC SDOC certification. Similarly, Canadian IC ID and ICES are equally applicable.

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