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CQC mark certification is one of the voluntary product certification services carried out by the China Quality Certification Center. It shows that the product meets the relevan…

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CQC details

1. Introduction to Certification

CQC mark certification is one of the voluntary product certification services carried out by the China Quality Certification Center. It shows that the product meets the relevant quality, safety, performance, electromagnetic compatibility and other certification requirements by adding the CQC mark, aiming at safeguarding the interests of consumers and promoting Improve product quality and enhance the international competitiveness of domestic enterprises. The CQC certification certificate has high gold content and is synchronized with domestic compulsory product certification and international certification. It can establish a brand, improve market competitiveness, reduce product costs, and achieve sustainable development of enterprises.


Certification meaning:

1. The certification certificate has high gold content and is synchronized with international certification: the technical requirements of enterprises that have obtained CQC product certification are synchronized with the international equivalent product certification, which greatly improves the gold content of product certification certificates.

2. The certification certificate is synchronized with the domestic compulsory product certification: when the relevant CQC certification products stipulated by the state are included in the CCC compulsory certification products, on the premise of ensuring product consistency, there is no need for re-testing and certification, and the CQC certificate can be directly converted 3C certificate.

3. Establish a brand and improve market competitiveness: Obtaining CQC product certification means that the product safety has been guaranteed by the brand. In the current situation of uneven production enterprises, it is conducive to improving the brand awareness and competitiveness of certified products and gaining access to the market. The green pass to increase market share will help enterprises achieve the unity of economic and social benefits.

4. Reduce product cost: CQC product certification has been widely recognized and accepted by relevant departments and institutions in various fields. After the enterprise obtains the mark certification, it can greatly reduce repeated testing and repeated certification, reduce production and operation costs, and at the same time reduce the cost of enterprises. Product risks to be borne.

5. Realize the sustainable development of enterprises: CQC product certification encourages enterprises to improve the quality assurance capabilities of factories, break the existing part of the workshop production mode, and establish a modern enterprise system; at the same time, it encourages enterprises to actively respond to international trade barriers, based on the country's sustainable development strategy , to help enterprises get healthy long-term development.


2. Certification mark


3. Certification Standards

Not sure which products are in the scope of CCC certification and which are in the scope of CQC certification, so please help me to mark which products are placed in the CCC content and which are placed in the CQC certification

product Safety standard
power supply Information Technology ITE Power Supply

GB 4943

Audio and video AV class power supply

GB 8898

Lighting power supply

GB 19510.1
GB 19510.14

Home appliance power supply

GB 4706.1

Medical power supply

GB 9706.1

Industrial power supply (electronic transformer)

GB 4706.1

End products Information technology ITE products

GB 4943

Audio and video AV products

GB 8898

Lighting products

GB 7000-1
GB 7000.XXX

Home Appliances

GB 4706.1
GB 4706.XX

medical products

- -

Industrial (transformer) products

GB 19212.1
GB 19212.XX

Electric tools

GB 4706.1
GB 4706.XX

Battery consumer battery

GB 31241
GB/T 35590
SJ/T 11796
GB 40165

Power battery

GB 38031
GB/T 31484
GB/T 31486
GB/T 31467.1
GB/T 31467.2
GB/T 31467.3
GB/T 36276
GB/T 36672
GB/T 36972
GB/Z 18333.1
QB/T 2947.3

electric car Electric Bicycles and Personal Electric Vehicles

GB 17761
GB/T 34667
GB/T 34668
CQC 1125


product Electromagnetic Compatibility Standards
Information technology ITE/audio and video AV products

GB/T 9254.1
GB/T 9254.2
GB 17625.1
CNS 15936

Lighting products

GB/T 17743
GB/T 18595
GB 17625.1
CNS 14115

Home Appliances

GB 4343.1
GB 17625.1
GB 17625.2
CNS 13783-1

industrial, scientific, medical products

GB 4824
GB 17625.1
GB 17625.2
CNS 13803


GB/T 17799.1
GB/T 17799.2
GB 17799.3
GB 17799.4


4. Test items

The items to be tested for CQC certification are tested by the laboratory according to the standards of each product.


5. Required information

1. Product Manual

2. Product specification

3. Product circuit diagram (including schematic diagram and printed circuit layout)

4. Product Maintenance Manual

5. A copy of the certification certificate for key safety components of the product

6. Explanation of the difference between the main delivery model product and the covered model product in the same application unit

7. The list of key components related to product safety and the list of main components that affect electromagnetic compatibility performance

8. CB test certificate and report of the product (if any)

9. Product trademark authorization letter (if any), etc.


6. Certification process

1. Application acceptance;

2. Data review;

3. Receive samples for sample delivery;

4. Sample test;

5. Factory inspection;

6. Conformity assessment;

7. Certificate approval;

8. Printing, collection, delivery and management of certificates.


7. Certification cycle and validity period

The certification time period is generally 4 weeks after the samples and materials are complete (excluding the factory inspection time), and the validity period of the CQC certificate is generally five years.


8. Factory inspection

1. Review content: factory quality assurance capability + product consistency inspection

(1) Review of factory quality assurance capability. Review according to CQC "Factory Quality Assurance Capability Requirements" and "Factory Inspection Record Form".

(2) Product consistency check: Check the consistency of the products applying for certification, focusing on verifying the following:

a. The identity (nameplate) of the certified product is consistent with that indicated in the type test report;

b. Consistency between the structure of the certified product and the type test sample;

c. Consistency between the important parts/components of the certified product and the "List of Important Parts/Components" in the type test report;

d. Carry out on-site inspection according to the "List of Routine Inspection Items and Confirmation Inspection Items".

2. Initial factory inspection method: The initial factory inspection can be carried out alone, or combined with the initial inspection or supervisory inspection of CCC certification.

3. Initial factory inspection time: Generally, the initial factory inspection will be conducted after the type test is passed. Type test and factory inspection can also be carried out at the same time as required. The factory inspection time is determined according to the number of units of the certified product being applied for, and with due consideration of the production scale of the factory. Generally, each processing site takes 1 to 4 man-days. The specific review time is given in the "Special Requirements for Product Certification Implementation Rules" of the corresponding product.


China CQC certification

Test content: safety regulations+electromagnetic compatibility

Applicable products:

Mandatory: Yes/No

Factory inspection: Yes/No

Local agent: Yes/No

Plug type: * gauge/* * type

Voltage requirement: * * V

Application method: direct application; Certificate transfer application (* * Certificate can be transferred, * * Report can be transferred)

Certificate holder:

Certificate validity period: * * years/long-term (standard replacement requires reapplication)

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