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The full name of China CCC certification is "Compulsory Product Certification System", the English name is China Compulsory Certification, and the abbreviation is CCC…

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CCC details

1. Introduction to Certification

The full name of China CCC certification is "Compulsory Product Certification System", the English name is China Compulsory Certification, and the abbreviation is CCC. It is a product conformity assessment system implemented by the governments of various countries in order to protect consumers' personal safety and national security, strengthen product quality management, and implement laws and regulations.

Compulsory product certification is to implement mandatory testing and auditing of products listed in the "Catalogue" by formulating a product catalog for compulsory product certification and implementing compulsory product certification procedures. All products listed in the Compulsory Product Certification Catalog that have not obtained the certification certificate from the designated certification body and have not been affixed with the certification mark in accordance with the regulations shall not be imported, sold or used in business service places.

It should be noted that the CCC mark is not a quality mark, but only a basic safety certification. CCC certification is mainly trying to solve the long-term problems in my country's product certification system through a package of solutions such as "unified catalogue, unified standards, technical regulations, conformity assessment procedures, unified certification marks, and unified charging standards". Review, duplication of fees, and the indistinguishability of certification and law enforcement, and the establishment of technical regulations, standards, and conformity assessment procedures consistent with international rules can promote trade facilitation and liberalization.


2. Certification mark

3. Certification Standards

Not sure which products are in the scope of CCC certification and which are in the scope of CQC certification, so please help me to mark which products are placed in the CCC content and which are placed in the CQC certification

product Safety standard
power supply Information Technology ITE Power Supply

GB 4943

Audio and video AV class power supply

GB 8898

Lighting power supply

GB 19510.1
GB 19510.14

Home appliance power supply

GB 4706.1

Medical power supply

GB 9706.1

Industrial power supply (electronic transformer)

GB 4706.1

End products Information technology ITE products

GB 4943

Audio and video AV products

GB 8898

Lighting products

GB 7000-1
GB 7000.XXX

Home Appliances

GB 4706.1
GB 4706.XX

medical products

- -

Industrial (transformer) products

GB 19212.1
GB 19212.XX

Electric tools

GB 4706.1
GB 4706.XX

Battery consumer battery

GB 31241
GB/T 35590
SJ/T 11796
GB 40165

Power battery

GB 38031
GB/T 31484
GB/T 31486
GB/T 31467.1
GB/T 31467.2
GB/T 31467.3
GB/T 36276
GB/T 36672
GB/T 36972
GB/Z 18333.1
QB/T 2947.3

electric car Electric Bicycles and Personal Electric Vehicles

GB 17761
GB/T 34667
GB/T 34668
CQC 1125


product Electromagnetic Compatibility Standards
Information technology ITE/audio and video AV products

GB/T 9254.1
GB/T 9254.2
GB 17625.1
CNS 15936

Lighting products

GB/T 17743
GB/T 18595
GB 17625.1
CNS 14115

Home Appliances

GB 4343.1
GB 17625.1
GB 17625.2
CNS 13783-1

industrial, scientific, medical products

GB 4824
GB 17625.1
GB 17625.2
CNS 13803


GB/T 17799.1
GB/T 17799.2
GB 17799.3
GB 17799.4


4. Required information

  1. product nameplate
  2. Product specification
  3. Product Manual
  4. Safety and EMC list of key components
  5. Product schematic diagram.pcblayout diagram
  6. Transformer specification
  7. Product model list description and model difference description
  8. Product CB certificate and report (if any), etc.

The above is the information required for power supply products, the specific details vary according to each product, welcome to consult.


5. Certification process

1. Application acceptance;

2. Data review;

3. Receive samples for sample delivery;

4. Sample testing, verification data;

5. The laboratory produces a draft;

6. The draft is correct and uploaded for review;

7. CQC initial evaluation → re-evaluation → certificate issuance;

8. Printing, collection, delivery and management of certificates;

9. Factory inspection within 3 months after the first application for 3C certification

(For factory grade C or D, the certificate can only be obtained after factory inspection)


6. Certification cycle and validity period

The certification time period is generally 4 weeks after the samples and materials are complete (not including the factory inspection time), and the validity period of the CCC certificate is generally five years.


7. Factory inspection

1. Review content: factory quality assurance capability + product consistency inspection

(1) The factory quality assurance capability review shall be reviewed according to CQC "Factory Quality Assurance Capability Requirements" and "Factory Inspection Record Form".

(2) Product Consistency Check: Carry out a consistency check on the products applying for certification, focusing on verifying the following:

a. The identity (nameplate) of the certified product is consistent with that indicated in the type test report;

b. Consistency between the structure of the certified product and the type test sample;

c. Consistency between the important parts/components of the certified product and the "List of Important Parts/Components" in the type test report;

d. Carry out on-site inspection according to the "List of Routine Inspection Items and Confirmation Inspection Items".

2. Initial factory inspection method: The initial factory inspection can be carried out alone, or combined with the initial inspection or supervisory inspection of CCC certification.

3. Initial factory inspection time: Generally, the initial factory inspection will be conducted after the type test is passed. Type test and factory inspection can also be carried out at the same time as required. The factory inspection time is determined according to the number of units of the certified product being applied for, and with due consideration of the production scale of the factory. Generally, each processing site takes 1 to 4 man-days. The specific review time is given in the "Special Requirements for Product Certification Implementation Rules" of the corresponding product.


China CCC certification

Test content: safety regulations+electromagnetic compatibility

Applicable products: products listed in the CCC catalog

Mandatory or not: Yes

Factory inspection: Yes

Local agent: None

Plug type: medium gauge

Voltage requirement: AC 220V 50Hz

Application method: direct application; Certificate transfer application (CB report certificate can be transferred)

Certificate validity period: 5 years

Certificate Query http://cx.cnca.cn/CertECloud/index/index/page?currentPosition=

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