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CSA is the abbreviation of Canadian Standards Association (Canadian Standards Association). It was founded in 1919 and is Canada's first non-profit organization dedicated t…

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1. Introduction to Certification

CSA is the abbreviation of Canadian Standards Association (Canadian Standards Association). It was founded in 1919 and is Canada's first non-profit organization dedicated to formulating industrial standards. Electronics, electrical appliances and other products sold in the North American market need to obtain safety certification. If the product wants to enter the Canadian certification, it needs to apply for CSA certification. The purpose is to ensure that the product can meet the qualified standards of the Canadian market, and it is also a test and certification for the safety and reliability of the product. CSA International's certification mark promotes confidence in products for retailers, product notifying agencies, law enforcement agencies, and consumers.


2. Certification mark

The CSA International mark with C-US or NRTL/C indicates that the product has been tested to meet the applicable standards in the United States and Canada and can enter both markets at the same time.


3. Product range

1. Electricity and electronics: including regulations on the installation of electrical equipment for construction, various industrial and commercial and civil electrical and electronic products.

2. Communication and information: including residential processing systems, telecommunications and electromagnetic interference technology and equipment and other products.

3. Human survival and environment: including occupational health and safety, public safety, sports and entertainment equipment, environmental protection and health care technology.

4. Building structure: including building materials and products, civil engineering products, concrete, masonry structures, pipe fittings and architectural design.

5. Energy: including energy regeneration and transfer, fuel combustion and safety equipment, nuclear energy technology.

6. Transportation and distribution system: including motor vehicle safety, oil and gas pipelines, material handling and distribution, and offshore facilities.

7. Material technology: including welding and metallurgy.

8. Business and production management system: including quality management and basic engineering.


4. Certification Standards

product Safety standard
IT/AV products

CSA-C22.2 No.62368-1

Home Appliances

CSA-C22.2 No.60335-1

medical products

CSA-C22.2 No.60601-1

Lighting products

CSA C22.2 No.9.0-1996(R2011)


4. Test items

The items to be tested for CSA certification are tested by the laboratory according to the standards of each product.


5. Required information

1. A copy of the company information sheet and business license;

2. Product description;

3. Product name, product model;

4. Product use - please tell us how and where to use your product;

5. Parts list - please provide the name, model, rated value and manufacturer information of the product parts. If the component has obtained CSA or UL certification, please indicate the file number of the component. If there are multiple suppliers for a certain component, they can be provided together;

6. Product performance and specifications, such as size, rated voltage, current, frequency and power, etc.;

7. Structural diagram or exploded diagram: For the structural diagram of the product, please indicate the name of each part in the drawing, so as to correspond with the parts list one by one;

8. Provide circuit schematic diagrams: PCB schematic diagrams, product photos, instructions for use, safety matters or installation instructions, etc.


6. Certification process

1. Submit the preliminary application form, the instructions and technical data of the relevant products (including all electrical components and plastic materials) to CSA International.

2. CSA International will determine the certification fee according to the specific situation of the product, and then notify the applicant company by fax.

3. After confirmation by the applicant company, a formal application form and notification letter will be sent.

4. The designated laboratory will carry out the certification work in time.

5. After the certification test is completed, a preliminary report will be sent to the applicant company.

6. CSA International will evaluate the applicant company's answer to the fifth item above.

7. CSA International will prepare a certification report for product production reference and follow-up inspection.

8. At this stage, in some cases, CSA International will go to the factory for an initial assessment of the factory.

9. Finally, CSA International will issue a certificate of conformity together with the certification records to authorize the applicant company to add the CSA certification mark on its products.

10. The applicant company should sign a service agreement with CSA International to express that both parties agree that CSA International will go to the factory for product tracking inspection. The applicant company pays an annual fee to maintain the agreement.


7. Certification cycle and validity period

The CSA certification cycle is 3-4 weeks


8. Factory inspection

CSA certification requires factory inspection and annual inspection


Canadian CSA certification

· Test content: safety regulations
·Applicable Products:
·Is it mandatory: Yes/No
·Factory inspection: yes/no
·Local agent: yes/no
·Plug Type: *Gauge/** Type
·Voltage requirement: **V
·Application method: direct application; certificate transfer application (** certificate can be transferred, ** report can be transferred)
·Certificate validity period: **year/long term (re-application is required for standard replacement)
·Other supplements:

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