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Power bank testing

Power bank is a portable charger that integrates power supply and charging functions. It can charge digital devices such as mobile phones and tablet computers. Lithium batteries are usually used as energy storage units, which are fast a…

Category:Power bank testing
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Power bank testingDetails

The national certification and testing standards for charging treasures are as follows:

1. Global

Power bank UN38.3 certification standard: ST/SG/AC 10/11/Rev.n-Section38-Amend IATA DGR

Power bank MSDS reporting standard: ISO 11014 Safety data sheet for chemical products


2. CB member countries

Power bank CB certification standards: IEC62133, IEC60950, IEC61960


3. United States

Power bank UL/ETL/cTUVus certification standards: UL 2056, UL 62368


4. China

Power bank CQC certification/quality inspection report standard: GB/T35590

Power bank BSMI certification standards: CNS15364, CNS13438, CNS14336-1


5. South Korea

Power bank KC certification standard: KC62133-2 (2020-07)


6. Japan

Power bank PSE certification standard: J62133


7. Russia

Power bank Gost-R (EAC) certification standard: IEC62133 & EMC


8. India

Power bank BIS certification standard: IS13252 (Part1)


9. Thailand

Power bank TISI certification standard: TIS2879-2560


10. European Union

Power bank CE certification standard: EN62133

Power bank WEEE certification standard: 2012/19/EU

Power bank ROHS certification standard: 2011/65/5U

Power bank REACH certification standard: SVHC 181 items


11. Germany

Power bank GS certification standard: EN 60950 & AfPS GS 2014: 01PAK


12. Australia

Power bank RCM certification standard: AS/NZS CISPR 32 & EN/IEC62133


13. Brazil

Power bank INMETRO certification standard: IEC62133


14. Saudi Arabia

Power bank SASO certification standard: IEC corresponding standard

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