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Talent Concept

GCDC talent concept

GTG is composed of a group of people with ideals and passion, with creativity and cultural power, constantly challenging themselves and pursuing excellence. GTG employees are partners who grow with GTG. GTG strives to protect the health of its employees in various ways, respects their legitimate rights and interests, establishes a harmonious employee relationship, continuously satisfies employees' desire for self-realization, and improves employee satisfaction.

Employees are the greatest wealth of an enterprise. GTG people believe that gaining social respect and realizing personal value is everyone's pursuit, caring for employees is one of the important missions of the enterprise, and building a professional employee team is the core content of employee training and development. GTG actively establishes various employee incentive mechanisms to mobilize employees' enthusiasm for work, highly affirms the value created by employees, and pursues the realization of employees' personal value while realizing the company's value.

Talent Strategy

GCDC talent strategy

Talent Four-High Policy>> Talent strategy is the most important strategy of GTG Group. We adhere to the principle of "attracting people with careers, shaping people with culture, motivating people with mechanisms, and retaining people with development", and insist on implementing the "four highs" for talents. Policy" (that is, high quality, high responsibility, high contribution, high treatment).

"Suitability is talent" >> We believe that "suitability" is talent. "Under the premise of agreeing with the GTG culture, as long as they meet the job requirements of GTG and can contribute to the development of GTG, they are GTG talents." Actively working and highly responsible employees are GTG's greatest wealth. Recognizing the GTG culture and doing things conscientiously and down-to-earth according to the requirements of the GTG culture are the only criteria for testing a qualified "GTG person". "Character first, make the best use of talents" is GTG's employment philosophy. GTG fully respects, understands and cares for employees, insists on the common growth and development of the company and employees, and continuously develops the potential of employees.

√ All GTG employees are equal in personality regardless of their position;

√ The goal of continuous appreciation of human capital takes precedence over the goal of appreciation of financial capital;

√ The ability and potential shown by employees in completing their own work is more important than academic qualifications;

√ The use of subordinates' talents and the recommendation of outstanding talents are important factors in determining the promotion and treatment of managers.

High salary, high performance and high growth

"Industrial and regional leadership", higher salary than the same industry, high percentage performance bonus, semi-annual salary adjustment opportunities, many promotion opportunities during the company's rapid development period, and many forms of equity or benefit incentives and honor incentives.

Up to 20 employee benefits

There are as many as 20 benefits including five insurances and one housing fund, free accommodation, free staff restaurant, education and training, international and domestic travel, festival benefits, team building fund, extra-long Spring Festival holiday, parental pension, car and house purchase funds, etc.

Entrepreneurial atmosphere, self-management

The company implements decentralized management and encourages internal fission entrepreneurship. You are the boss, manage yourself and take responsibility for your own results! Your "magnetic" field is up to you!

Young people, happy culture

Young people are working together, more than 75% are born in the 90s, the average age is 26+, and more than 60% have a bachelor's degree. The company is full of positive energy.


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