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PSE certification is a compulsory certification in Japan, including safety and EMI, to prove that electronic and electrical products meet the requirements of the dated electric…

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PSE details

1. Introduction to Certification

PSE certification is a compulsory certification in Japan, including safety and EMI, to prove that electronic and electrical products meet the requirements of the dated electrical appliance safety law or international IEC standards. Japan's Electrical Appliances and Materials Safety Law stipulates that 457 kinds of products entering the Japanese market must pass safety certification. Among them, 116 specific electrical appliances should obtain the diamond-shaped PSE mark, and 341 products other than specific electrical appliances should obtain the circular PSE mark.


2. Certification mark


3. Certification category

1. Circular PSE certification

2. Diamond PSE certification


4. Product range

It belongs to the product range stipulated by the Specific Electrical Appliances and Materials Safety Act, such as: DC power supply units, switches and sockets, electric water heaters, power cords and plugs, and other household appliance transformers (AC-AC power supply products) and other 116 products.

Belonging to the scope of products other than the specific electrical appliance safety law, such as: electric blankets, electric steamers, electric hair irons, electric ovens, microwave ovens, hair humidifiers, refrigerators, electric stirrers, electric egg cookers, electric heat preservation Basins, hair dryers, electric humidifiers, projectors, washing machines, incandescent light bulbs, fluorescent lamps, desk lamps, decorative lights, advertising lights, lithium batteries and all LED bulb lights and LED lamps and other 341 products.


5. Certification Standards

product Safety standard
power supply Information Technology ITE Power Supply

J 60950-1
J 62368-1

Audio and video AV class power supply

J 60065
J 62368-1

Lighting power supply

J 61347-1
J 61347-2-13

Home appliance power supply

J 60335-1
J 60335-2-29

Industrial power supply (electronic transformer)

J 61558-1
J 61558-2-16

End products Information technology ITE products

J 60950-1
J 62368-1

Audio and video AV products

J 60065
J 62368-1

Lighting products

J 60598-1
J 60598-2-XX

Home Appliances

J 60335-1
J 60335-2-XX

medical products


Industrial (transformer) products

J 61558-1
J 61558-2-XX

Electric tools

J 60745-1
J 60745-2-XX

Battery consumer battery

JIS C 8712
JIS C 8714
JIS C 62133-1
JIS C 62133-2

Power battery

JIS C 8715-1
JIS C 8715-2


6. Required information

1. Application submission materials: relevant application forms

2. Test preparation materials

(1) CB report (including Japan's difference test)

(2) Circuit diagram (Layout)

(3) PCB design drawings related to safety regulations

(4) Specifications of transformer and coil parts

(5) List of key components and their certificates

(6) Japanese manual or assembly manual

(7) Japanese nameplate and warning signs (including PSE signs and notified supplier names)

(8) Structural data table

(9) List of factory production and calibration certificates, etc. (for factory inspection)


7. Sample requirements

Depending on the application standard and certification body, usually 5pcs is provided if there is a CB, and 10pcs samples are provided if there is no CB.


8. Certification process

1. The applicant provides relevant information

2. Both parties sign the quotation contract

3. Applicants send samples

4. Laboratory test samples

5. Issuing a certificate

6. Send report and certificate


9. Certification cycle and validity period期

The circular PSE certification cycle is 2 weeks, and the rhombus PSE certification cycle is 4 weeks

Diamond-shaped PSE certificates are valid for 3 years, 5 years, and 7 years (depending on the product); circular PSEs are usually self-declared by the factory or issued by a third-party laboratory/certification agency. There is no certificate and no validity period.


10. Factory inspection

Diamond-shaped PSE certification: only the first factory inspection is required, no annual inspection

Circular PSE certification: no factory inspection requirements


Japan PSE certification

· Test content: safety regulations
·Applicable Products:
·Is it mandatory: Yes/No
·Factory inspection: yes/no
·Local agent: yes/no
·Plug Type: *Gauge/** Type
·Voltage requirement: **V
·Application method: direct application; certificate transfer application (** certificate can be transferred, ** report can be transferred)
·Certificate validity period: **year/long term (re-application is required for standard replacement)
·Other supplements:

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