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The Saudi Arabian Communications and Information Technology Commission (CITC) is responsible for implementing the type certification program for radio and wireless product impo…

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CITC details

1. Introduction to Certification

The Saudi Arabian Communications and Information Technology Commission (CITC) is responsible for implementing the type certification program for radio and wireless product imports; CITC certification is the certification of wireless telecommunications and other products in Saudi Arabia; it is the basis for market access; it is a compulsory certification;


2. Certification mark


3. Product range

Authorization is required for almost all wireless or wired telecommunications equipment: telecommunications equipment, radio equipment and information technology equipment;


4. Required information

1. Test report

2. Technical specifications

3. User Manual

4. Photo file

5. Circuit diagram

6. Declaration document


5. Certification process

1. The exporter receives the application form from our customer service, fills it out and sends it back to the customer service.

2. The exporter provides product specific information, including: product size, product photos

3. The exporter fills in the self-declaration

4. Mail product samples to the laboratory for testing

5. Provide CB report and CBCT certificate

6. The exporter also needs to provide a business license, exporter registration certificate and product instruction manual.

7. The product testing is completed, and the CITC certificate is issued after the data review.


6. Certification cycle and validity period

The certification period is 2-4 weeks, and the certificate is valid for 2 years


7. Factory inspection

No factory inspection required


8. Matters needing attention

1. Requirements cover radio/wireless components, not the entire product, and are usually assessed against a package of documents, including the manufacturer's declaration of conformity, test lab test reports for radio, safety and EMC, technical specifications, user manuals, photos and a completed application form. Exporters also need to ensure that the testing laboratories they use are accredited by SASO and international standard testing.

2. CITC approval as well as a SASO Certificate of Conformity (CoC) are now required to accept products with radio/wireless capabilities at ports.

3. All telecommunications equipment using power plugs or sockets need to comply with SASO's plug and socket standards.


Saudi Arabia CITC certification none ·Detection content: wireless
·Applicable products: wireless communication products (mobile phone applicants need to register, Cellular products must have 4G function)
·Whether mandatory: Yes
·Factory Inspection: None
·Local agent: no
·Plug type: UK, US/UK, US
·Voltage requirements: 220V, 110V
·Application method: direct application; certificate transfer application (report issued by ISO17025 laboratory is accepted)
·Certificate holder:
·Certificate validity period: 2 years
· Official website: regulations.citc.gov.sa
·Certificate query website:
·Other supplements:

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