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Current category: Energy storage power testing

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Energy storage power testing

Energy storage power supply refers to the storage of electric energy. Generally, energy storage power supply refers to a power supply with high battery capacity and high charge and discharge current, such as new energy vehicle batteries…

Category:Energy storage power testing
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Energy storage power testingDetails

Energy storage power product testing standards:


Standard code

standard name

Applicable Products

North America

UL 1973

Safety Standard for Batteries for Light Electric Rail (LER) and Stationary Equipment

Stationary energy storage battery

UL 2743

Portable Power Pack

Car emergency ignition power supply or portable energy storage battery

UL 991

Tests for Safety Controls of Solid State Devices

BMS board

UL 1998

Programmable Component Safety Software

BMS board

UL 9540

Standard for Energy Storage Systems and Equipment

Energy storage system and equipment

UL 9540A

Test method for thermal runaway of battery energy storage system

Energy storage system and equipment


IEC/EN 62619

Lithium secondary cells and lithium secondary cells containing alkaline or other non-acidic electrolytes Safety requirements for industrial lithium secondary cells and lithium secondary cells

Industrial lithium batteries and lithium battery packs

IEC 60730

Electric automatic controls for household and similar purposes - Part 1: General requirements

BMS board


GB/T 36276

Lithium-ion batteries for power storage

Energy storage battery

Civil Aviation

AND 38.3

United Nations Tests and Standards for the Transport of Dangerous Goods

Cell or battery pack

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