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UL is the abbreviation of Underwriter Laboratories Inc. UL Safety Testing Institute is the most authoritative in the United States and the largest non-governmental organization…

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UL details

1. Introduction to Certification

UL is the abbreviation of Underwriter Laboratories Inc. UL Safety Testing Institute is the most authoritative in the United States and the largest non-governmental organization engaged in safety testing and appraisal in the world. UL certification is a non-compulsory certification in the United States, mainly for testing and certification of product safety performance. The entire U.S. market pays great attention to product safety; more than 40,000 administrative districts in the federal, state, county, and municipal governments of the United States all recognize the UL certification mark; Amazon USA also requires some products to have UL certification.


2. Certification mark

For different service types of UL, the UL mark can be divided into three categories, the LISTED listing mark, the Classified classification certification mark, and the Recognize component certification mark. UL's services are based not only on American UL standards, but also on Canadian standards (cUL). Therefore, the UL mark is also divided into three types: UL products and cUL products, and both meet these three types. The "us" on the lower right of the UL mark means it is applicable to the United States, the "c" on the lower left means it is applicable to Canada, and both "us" and "c" are applicable in both countries.


3. Certification Standards

product product
power supply Information technology ITE/audio and video AV power supply

UL 62368-1

Lighting power supply

UL 8750

Home appliance power supply

UL 1310
UL 1012

Medical power supply

UL 60601-1

Industrial power supply (electronic transformer)

UL 1310
UL 1012
UL 61010-1
UL 61010-2-201

End products Information technology ITE/audio and video AV products

UL 62368-1

Lighting products

UL 153
UL 1598
UL 8750
UL 1786
UL 1573
UL 588
UL 2108
UL 924

Home Appliances

UL 1007
UL 1005
UL 1028
UL 1083
UL 982
UL 1026

medical products

UL 60601-1

Industrial (transformer) products

UL 1310
UL 1012
UL 506
UL 1561
UL 1562
UL 1585
UL 1876
UL 1411
UL 397
UL 697

Electric tools

UL 60745-1

Battery consumer battery

UL 1642
UL 2054
UL 2056

Power battery

UL 2271
UL 2580
UL 1973
UL 2743

electric car Electric Bicycles and Personal Electric Vehicles

UL 2849
UL 2272


4. Test items

1. Input test

2. Temperature rise test

3. Impact/drop test

4. Glow wire/needle flame test

5. Ball pressure test

6. LPS limited power test

7. Touch current test

8. Grounding impedance test

9. Constant temperature and humidity test

10. Vibration test, etc.


5. Required information

1. CDF (Critical Parts List)

2. Schematic

3.PCB Layout

4. Label/nameplate

5. Transformer specifications, inductor specifications

6. Model List/Difference Table

7. Instructions for use or installation of the product, etc.


6. Certification process

1. Quotation;

2. Arrange the payment of related funds

3. Provide application forms, materials, and test samples

4. Test and confirm the report

5. Pass the audit and obtain NOA/NOC

6. NOA can use the UL mark to ship directly, and NOC needs to complete the first factory inspection before using the UL mark to ship


7. Certification cycle and validity period

The UL certification period is usually 3-4 weeks, and it can be expedited, and an additional fee will be charged for expediting.


8. Factory inspection

UL audits the factory four times a year. In addition to the quarterly audit, there is also an annual audit, and the factory is also audited every year.

Materials to be prepared for UL factory audit:

1. Production and quality control procedures

2. Inspection standards for main components and finished products

3. Records of main component certificates (yellow cards)

4. Product material list

5. Main documents for plastic material control

6. Main documents of production control

7. Record of UL label

8. Recycling of Bulk Label for main parts packaging


American UL certification

· Test content: safety regulations
·Applicable Products:
·Is it mandatory: Yes/No
·Factory inspection: yes/no
·Local agent: yes/no
·Plug Type: *Gauge/** Type
·Voltage requirement: **V
·Application method: direct application; certificate transfer application (** certificate can be transferred, ** report can be transferred)
·Certificate validity period: **year/long term (re-application is required for standard replacement)
·Other supplements:

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