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KCC certification, mainly for EMI&EMC, wireless, telecommunications and other parts. KCC certification is a compulsory certification in Korea. Domestic or foreign manufacturers…

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KCC details

1. Introduction to Certification

KCC certification, mainly for EMI&EMC, wireless, telecommunications and other parts. KCC certification is a compulsory certification in Korea. Domestic or foreign manufacturers need to obtain Korean KCC certification before importing electronic products to Korea.


2. Certification mark

3. Certification category

According to the category of the product, KCC is mainly divided into the following three certification types:
1. Compliance certification: wireless communication equipment, such as telephones, regulators, fax machines, etc.
2. Compatibility registration: electrical appliances.
3. Temporary certification: For equipment that has no standard for the time being.


4. Product range

It basically includes all wireless communication products, and most electronic and electrical products covered by KC certification.
1. Automatic alarm receiver installed on the ship
2. Automatic alarm telephone device
3. Wireless beacon for emergency location indication
4. Wireless navigation radar and automatic radar spotting equipment for ships
5. Wireless equipment for mobile phones at sea
6. Wireless equipment for satellite mobile communication radio stations
(Here are only a few of them)


5. Certification Standards

product standard test
Information technology ITE/audio and video power supplies/products

KS C 9832

KS C 9835

Lighting products

KS C 9815

KS C 9547

Home Appliances

KS C 9814-1

KS C 9814-2

Industrial, scientific, medical products

KS C 9811

KS C 9610-4

Series Basic Standards

Wireless products

《Radio Waves Act》
《 Radio Wave Method》



6. Test items

EMC testing, telecom testing and radio frequency testing.


7. Required information

1. Test samples
2. Test standards (KS standard, IEC standard, electrical product safety management law, client reminder standard, etc.)
3. Test purpose selection (self-analysis), proposal (reporting company name), delivery
4. Instructions (technical information, setting methods, usage methods, etc.)
5. Business license
6. EMC test fee


8. Certification cycle and validity period

The cycle of KCC certification application is 4-6 weeks, and the validity period of the certificate: long-term


9. Factory inspection

No factory inspection required


10. Specifications for the use of logos

1. The size of the KC logo can be adjusted according to the size of the product, but the height should not be less than 5mm. But for very cheap products, such as storage devices, or products using certification certificates (fingerprints, seals, engravings, etc.), the size can be identified according to the size of the product, and the vertical height can be adjusted by itself.
2. The size of the KC logo can be reduced or enlarged in proportion to the size of the related equipment, and special color effects can be applied according to product characteristics.
3. The identification code can be displayed under the basic design or in a visible position of the product.
4. If it is difficult to mark the conformity assessment on the surface of the product, such as an implantable cardiac pacemaker, it can only be marked on the product packaging.


Korea KCC certification

·Test content: electromagnetic compatibility, wireless
·Applicable products: IT information technology, telecommunications and RF wireless radio frequency products
·Whether mandatory: Yes
·Factory Inspection: None
·Local agent: no
·Plug type: Korean standard
· Voltage requirement: AC 220V, 60Hz
·Application method: direct application; transfer application (CB report can be transferred)
·Certificate holder:
·Certificate validity period: long-term

·Official website: www.rra.go.kr
·Certificate query website:
·Other supplements:

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