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California 65

California 65

California Proposition 65 content introduction California Proposition 65 (Safe Drinking Water and Toxic Substance Enforcement Act) was enacted in November 1986. The products in…

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California 65 details

1. Introduction to Certification

California Proposition 65 content introduction California Proposition 65 (Safe Drinking Water and Toxic Substance Enforcement Act) was enacted in November 1986. The products involved in the proposal: toys, electrical devices, clothing, accessories, cosmetics, gifts, manufacturing or construction supplies, etc., cover almost all products, and list the exposure scenarios of dangerous goods. It is suggested that enterprises should try to avoid the use of substances included in the California Proposition 65 Hazardous Substances List. Assess product risks and clarify the substances that are subject to key control in products.


2. Certification mark

logo not found


3. Product range

Jewelry, clothing, bags, sports mats, toys and child care products, ceramics and glass products, bicycles and their accessories, electrical devices, wires and cables, fabrics, groceries, food contact products, electronic products, etc.


4. Certification Requirements

1. It is not allowed to discharge the dangerous substances listed in the proposal into drinking water.

2. Provide clear and reasonable warnings (for listed substances, warnings must be provided, unless exposure levels are extremely low and do not pose a risk).


5. Test items

For different products, different materials, and controlled chemical substances, the limit value requirements are also different.

Hazardous substances mainly include:

1.Lead (Pb) lead

2. Phthalates

3. Cadmium Cadmium

4. Formaldehyde formaldehyde

5. Arsenic (As) arsenic


6. Required information

1. Provide 2-3 sets of samples;

2. Product instruction manual;

3. Bill of Materials (BOM);

4. Certification application form (our company provides the form).


7. Certification process

1. Fill in the service application form

2. Sample delivery

3. Arrange testing immediately after payment

4. Issue a report


8. Certification cycle and validity period

Certification period: normally 7 working days

Validity period of the report: Generally, the California 65 certification does not have a strict validity period, but the California 65 report is not static. With the update of regulations, the California 65 report must be updated, and the old version will become invalid.


California 65 certification logo not found ·Test content: chemistry
·Applicable Products:
·Is it mandatory: Yes/No
·Factory inspection: yes/no
·Local agent: yes/no
·Plug Type: *Gauge/** Type
·Voltage requirement: **V
·Application method: direct application; certificate transfer application (** certificate can be transferred, ** report can be transferred)
·Certificate validity period: **year/long term (re-application is required for standard replacement)
·Other supplements:

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