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ErP certification is the EU's energy efficiency certification, which is a compulsory certification project. ErP (Energy related Products), that is, energy-related products,…

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ErP details

1. Introduction to Certification

ErP certification is the EU's energy efficiency certification, which is a compulsory certification project. ErP (Energy related Products), that is, energy-related products, are closely related to many important environmental impact factors in all aspects of their production, distribution, and use life cycles, such as the consumption of other raw materials and natural resources (such as water) and waste. Environmental pollution caused by the production and discharge of harmful substances into the environment, and related climate change due to energy consumption.


The purpose of the EU's ErP Directive is to formulate a coherent and comprehensive legal framework to specify the environmental protection design requirements of energy-consuming products in order to achieve the following goals:

1. To ensure the free circulation of energy-consuming products within the EU;

2. Improve the overall environmental performance of these products to protect the environment;

3. Contribute to the stable supply of energy and enhance the competitiveness of EU economies;

4. Protect the interests of industry and consumers.


Relationship between ErP and CE marking

The ErP Directive stipulates that the energy-consuming products included in the implementation measures must be affixed with the CE mark before they can enter the EU market. Before obtaining the CE mark, the manufacturer or its authorized representative should take measures to ensure that the product has passed the conformity assessment in accordance with the content and procedures of the implementation measure specification, prepare the technical documents related to the product conformity assessment, and issue the EC declaration of conformity.


2. Certification mark

The ErP energy efficiency label contains the following information:

1. Trademark or supplier name;

2. Model name;

3. Energy efficiency grade range A-G;

4. Energy consumption in working mode, the unit is kWh/1000h;

5. QR code, which can be linked to the EPREL database after scanning;

6. Energy efficiency grade;

7. Regulation number.


3. Product range

EU regulations: All electronic and electrical products sold in Europe must meet ErP testing or ErP certification requirements (product energy saving requirements related to European energy consumption)

●IT products: switching power supply, linear power supply, chassis power supply, portable solar charger, USB powered lamp, fan, MP3, MP4, network camera, digital voice recorder, network switch, router, U disk, USB card reader, optical fiber Machines, optical transceivers, mobile hard drives, LCD monitors, notebook computers, desktop computers, computer game consoles, computer learning machines, cash registers, banknote counters, POS machines, printers, scanners, plotters, projectors and other products

●Audio and video products: LCD TVs, VCDs, DVDs, integrated audio, radios, set-top boxes, electronic musical instruments, multimedia recording players, etc.

Lamp products: energy-saving lamps, LED lighting lamps, table lamps, wall lamps, chandeliers, floor lamps, electronic transformers, fluorescent lamp ballasts, dimmers, T4/T5/T8 bracket lamps, grille lamps, spotlights (frames), Cabinet lights, garden lights products

●Household appliances: electric irons, rice cookers, electric ovens, hair dryers, hair straighteners, kettles, microwave ovens, induction cookers, heating fans, household electric fans, range hoods, juicers, toasters, toasts Machines, vacuum cleaners, household electric washing machines, hot and cold water dispensers, household refrigerators, food freezers, air conditioners, humidifiers, electric blankets, ventilation fans, bathroom heaters, disinfection cabinets, solar water heaters, massage appliances, treadmills, etc.

Electric tool products: electric welding machine, AC regulated power supply, variable voltage inverter, outdoor LED electronic advertising screen, DC power supply, oscilloscope, multimeter, electronic clock, electronic watch, electronic scale, etc.

Car wireless products: reversing radar, car power amplifier, car audio, car DVD, car monitor, car TV, GPS (not wireless), car charger, car inverter, wireless doorbell, wireless temperature and humidity meter, wireless mouse , wireless keyboard, wireless network card, wireless router, Bluetooth products, wireless remote control, car MP3, PM transmitter, etc.


4. Certification Standards

product Energy Efficiency Standards
External power supply, adapter, charger products

(EU) 2019/1782

AV products, IT products


TV product


set top box


Lighting Products (EU) 2019/2020 Ecodesign Regulation and (EU) 2019/2015 Energy Efficiency Labeling Regulation


5. Certification cycle

The ErP certification cycle is 2-3 weeks, and can be expedited, and an additional fee will be charged for expedited


6. Factory inspection

ErP certification does not require factory inspection

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