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RED is the abbreviation of Radio Equipment Directive, a directive for the compliance of wireless products. Before wireless products can be legally sold in EU countries, they ne…

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CE-RED details

1. Introduction to Certification

RED is the abbreviation of Radio Equipment Directive, a directive for the compliance of wireless products. Before wireless products can be legally sold in EU countries, they need to be tested and approved according to the RED directive, and they also need to have CE-mark. Wireless products need to meet the requirements of RED Directive RED 2014/53/EU.


2. Certification mark


3. Product range

1. Short-range wireless remote control products (SRD) such as: remote control toy cars, remote control alarm systems, remote control doorbells, remote control switches, remote control mice, keyboards, etc.;
2. Professional radio remote control products (PMR) such as: professional wireless walkie-talkies, wireless microphones, etc.;
3. Wireless telephone CTO, CT1;
4. ISDN (digital telephone products);
5. DECT (Enhanced Digital Cordless Telephone);
6. Mobile phone GSM, CDMA test;
7. Bluetooth products such as: Bluetooth headsets;
8. Inductive data transmission equipment with a working frequency <9 kHz;
9. Wireless broadcast receiver equipment.


4. Sample requirements

1. Two RF fixed-frequency prototypes, one common prototype
2. The fixed-frequency prototype is aimed at multi-channel working products. If it is a single-channel prototype, please provide a continuous transmitting prototype and a continuous receiving prototype


5. Certification Standards

product wireless standard
Wireless products

ETSI EN 300 220

ETSI EN 300 330

ETSI EN 300 440

ETSI EN 300 328

ETSI EN 301 357

ETSI EN 301 511

ETSI EN 301 489

ETSI EN 301 893

ETSI EN 303 417

ETSI EN 301 893-1/-2/-13


6. Test items

1. Electromagnetic compatibility test (EMC test);
2. Safety test LVD (in the new directive, this test is also required for battery-input RF products);
3. Carry out radio communication equipment testing (RF testing) according to European ETSI standards;
4. Notification of the spectrum allowed in Europe;
5. CTR;
6. Electrical safety and health protection testing (SAR evaluation).


7. Required information

1. Line description (English);
2. Block diagram (you need to draw all the crystal oscillators, as well as the frequency of the crystal oscillator, and keep it consistent with the circuit diagram);
3. Instruction manual;
4. Circuit diagram (it needs to be consistent with the crystal oscillator frequency, crystal oscillator number and crystal oscillator position in the block diagram)
5. Label;
6. Wireless module technical parameters (frequency range, number of channels, maximum transmit power, antenna gain, modulation method, etc.)


8. Certification process

1. Application ((1) fill in the application form, (2) provide information and send samples);
2. Quotation (according to the information you provide, there will be engineers to draw up the corresponding standards, test time and corresponding costs);
3. Payment (after the applicant confirms the quotation, sign the filing application form and service agreement and make payment);
4. Testing (the laboratory conducts a full set of tests on the applied product according to the relevant EU testing standards);
5. The test is passed and the report is completed;
6. After the project is completed, a CE certificate will be issued (if applying for NB, the materials and reports need to be sorted out and submitted to the NB institution, and the NB certificate will be issued after the institution passes the review).


9. Certification cycle and validity period

Cycle: about 3 weeks. In special cases such as: abnormal test, incomplete samples, etc., it is necessary to increase the corresponding time according to the actual situation.
Validity period: depends on whether the standard has expired, if the standard expires, the certificate will expire accordingly, and re-certification is required.


10. Factory inspection

No factory inspection required


11. Matters needing attention

1. The RED directive stipulates that wireless products need to meet health, EMC, Radio, and LVD requirements, and LVD needs to meet the requirements regardless of the power supply method of the product.
2. Use Radio non-coordinated standards, and apply for NB mandatory. Use harmonized standards, you can choose whether to apply for NB, which depends on the specific needs of customers.
3. The RED directive is also a declaration of conformity, which is the same as other directives.


EU CE/RED certification

· Detection content: wireless
· Applicable products: wireless equipment
· Whether mandatory: Yes
·Factory Inspection: None
·Local agent: Yes
·Plug type: European standard
·Voltage requirement: AC 230V, 50Hz
·Application method: direct application
·Certificate holder:
·Certificate validity period: standard replacement needs to re-apply or add difference test
·Official website:
·Certificate query website:
·Other supplements:

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