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How to apply for Korean KCC certification for wireless products?

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In the backstage of the WeChat official account, many wireless manufacturers came to consult how to apply for Korean KCC certification, what materials to prepare, how much to charge, etc.! The editor has carefully collected some relevant information. In this article, let us talk about the KCC certification for wireless products!

What is KCC certification?

KCC is the abbreviation of Korean Communication Certification, the Korea Communications Commission. KCC is in charge of Korean telecommunications laws, and KCC certification is a mandatory certification for telecommunications equipment and products implemented in accordance with the Korean "Telecommunications Basic Law" and "Radio Wave Law".

What information is required for wireless products to apply for KCC certification?

1. User Manual in Korean

2. Components list BOM

3. PCB layout PCB Layout              

4. Block Diagrams Block Diagrams                

5. PCB bitmap PCB Placement          

6. Circuit schematic diagram Schematics          

7. Module specification IC Data Sheet          

8. ANT Report

9. Fixed frequency operation SOP, etc.

What are the requirements for wireless products to apply for KCC certification prototype?
1. Two RF fixed-frequency prototypes and one ordinary prototype.
2. The fixed-frequency prototype is aimed at multi-channel working products. If it is a single-channel prototype, please provide a continuous transmission prototype.

Wireless product KCC certification process?

How much does it cost to apply for KCC certification for wireless products?
The cost of KCC certification for different products will be different, involving the difficulty of testing, the impact of specific standards, etc., so the price will change. GCDCs specializes in KCC certification, Rich experience in certification, one-on-one guidance by engineers, 15-minute quick quotation, please consult Deng Gong for quotation: 4007558988.

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