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What is Radiated Emissions Testing?

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Radiated Emission (Radiated Emission) test is to measure the radiated disturbance field strength of EUT propagating through space. It can be divided into magnetic field radiation and electric field radiation. The former is aimed at lamps and induction cookers, while the latter is widely used. In addition, there are power radiation requirements (called disturbance power) for household appliances and power tools with a working frequency of less than 30MHz, and auxiliary equipment for AV products. Space radiation is required for AV products or lighting products, as well as home appliances and power tools with a working frequency greater than 30MHz. test.

1. Radiation emission test standard
a) Electric field radiation: CISPR32, CISPR13, CISPR11, CISPR14-1, CISPR15 (specific categories of toys);
b) Magnetic field radiation: CISPR15 (lamps with operating current frequency exceeding 100Hz), CISPR11 (induction cooker, wireless products and industrial medical products);
c) Disturbance power: CISPR14-1 (except some equipment whose operating frequency does not exceed 9kHz), CISPR13 (only for auxiliary equipment).

2. Radiated emission test frequency band
Electric field radiation is generally 30MHz-1GHz (working frequency greater than 108MHz needs to test the high-frequency part, that is, 1GHz-40GHz part, which frequency band to test depends on the working frequency of the product), magnetic field radiation is 9kHz-30MHz, and the disturbance power is 30-300MHz. the

3. Radiated emission test limit
According to different standards, the site is 3m, 10m or other sizes, and the limit values are different for different product classifications (Group 1/2, Class A/B). the

4. Judgment of radiation emission test results:

Compared with the limit line, it is lower than PASS and higher than FAIL.

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