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What are the test items for TELEC certification of Bluetooth products?

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Recently, many customers in the background of the WeChat public account have inquired about TELEC certification in Japan, asking what is TELEC certification, and what are the main tests? Today, the editor of Guangmag has sorted out the relevant information, let's take a look at what is there!

Introduction to TELEC Certification
Japan's "Radio Law" requires type approval (i.e. technical regulation compliance certification) for specified radio equipment. TELEC certification is mandatory, and the certification body is MIC. TELEC (Telecom Engineering Center), a registered certification body recognized by MIC in the scope of designated radio equipment, is the main registered certification body for radio equipment compliance certification in Japan. TELEC is also called MIC certification in Japan. TELEC is MIC is one of the issuing agencies designated by MIC, so it is collectively referred to as TELEC certification.

What are the test contents and items for Japanese wireless TELEC certification?
What are the test contents and requirements of Japan MIC certification (TELEC certification) for Bluetooth products?
1 frequency error measurement
2 occupied bandwidth and spread-spectrum bandwidth / factor
3unwanted emission intensity measurement
4. Antenna power error measurement
5.limitation of collateral emission of receiver measurement
6. eirp antenna power) measurement
7.transmission radiation angle width (3db beamwidth) measurement
8. Duty cycle measurement
9. retention time

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