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Amazon’s new regulations, from September 30, 2022, Canadian websites must be certified by ISED!

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Recently, many electronic and electrical merchants have received such a message from Amazon Canada:

Amazon Canada, for any product within the scope of ISED certification, if the ISED compliance information cannot be provided before September 30, the product link will be removed from the shelves.


Introduction to ISED certification

Canadian ISED certification, since 2016, IC has officially changed its name to Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada (ISED), which is responsible for the certification of electronic and electrical products entering the Canadian market. The original wireless device IC number is renamed as ISED Number, but its expression on the label remains unchanged, IC:XXXXX-YYYYYYYYY.

ISED certified product certification scope

Radio and television equipment, information technology equipment, radio equipment, telecommunications equipment, engineering medical equipment, etc.


ISED certified product certification standards

IT/AV, home appliances: ICES-003

Lamps: ICES-005

Wireless: RSS 210, RSS 310, RSS 247, RSS 248, RSS 216, RSS 102

Industry, science, medical: ICES-001


ISED certification process

1. Submit samples, application forms and related materials

2. Schedule a test

3. The test does not notify the customer of rectification, and the test is issued by writing a report (if it is a wireless device, it needs to be submitted to the issuing agency for certification)

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