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What are the common test items for LVD EMC RED directive in CE certification?

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What are the common test items for LVD EMC RED directive in CE certification?

Common test items for LVD instruction

1. Input test;

2. Power test;

3. Temperature rise test;

4. Overload test;

5. Leakage current test;

6. Tidal tide test, etc.;

7. Overload test;

8. Pressure test;

9. Ground resistance test;

10. Power cord pull test;

11. Plug torque test;

12. Impact test;

13. Ball pressure test, etc.


EMC directive common test items

1. Conduction;

2. Power radiation;

3. Space radiation;

4. Magnetic field radiation;

5. Voltage flickering;

6. Harmonics;

7. Electrostatic discharge;

8. Surge/lightning strike;

9. Voltage drop/interruption, etc.


RED instruction common test items

1. Electromagnetic compatibility test (EMC test)

2. Safety test LVD (in the new directive, this test is also required for battery-input RF products)

3. Carry out radio communication equipment testing (RF testing) according to European ETSI standards

4. Notification of permitted spectrum in Europe

5. CTR (TBR) test

6. Electrical safety and health protection testing (SAR evaluation)


After understanding the relevant tests, what should I do if I want to apply for CE certification?
Step 1: Fill in the application form, confirm the product name, model, quantity and other information and submit relevant product information

Step 2: Quotation payment, application form and certification information review

Step 3: If the data review is passed, the product is tested and passed and then a draft certificate is made

Step 4: The applicant checks the draft, if there is any modification, feedback the revision and re-issue the draft

Step 5: Issue a certificate.


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