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What is Australian C-Tick certification?

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Australia C-Tick certification introduction:

A/C-Tick is a certification mark issued by the Australian Communications Authority (ACA) for communication equipment. Among them, C-Tick certification is applicable to electromagnetic compatibility and radio equipment, and only has mandatory requirements for EMC interference and RF radio frequency parameter testing, while A-Tick certification is applicable to telecommunications equipment.

Before applying for the C-Tick mark, it must be tested according to the relevant CISPR standards, endorsed and submitted by the Australian importer, and the Australian ACA (Australian Comication Authority) will accept it uniformly and issue a registration number. C-Tick certification is a compulsory certification in Australia. Generally, products must be certified by C-Tick, which is equivalent to a product quality certification. Only after the certification shows that the product meets the requirements can it enter the market and be accepted, and sales will be better.

C-Tick certification data preparation:
1. The full name and detailed contact mailing address of the manufacturer of the product applying for certification and the party applying for certification.

2. A copy of the installation and use manual of the certified product that will be provided to the user. (If the product does not yet have a user manual, a draft copy of the relevant content can be provided)

3. Product electrical schematic diagram and working principle description.

4. The working oscillation frequency table of the relevant product, the propagation path of the signal and the corresponding oscillation frequency should be listed in the table.

5. Some other product features that need to be explained. Unless otherwise specified, please provide the above information in English. For applications of multiple models, please provide them separately.

C-TICK certification process:
1. Sample;
2. Product information;
3. Application form;
4. Sign the contract;
5. Conduct tests;
6. Issue a report;

C-TICK certification test items:
EMI requirements only, test conduction, CLICK sound, magnetic field radiation or space radiation.

C-TICK certification body

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