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What are the typical RF test items? Do you know?

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Recently, a lot of customers have come to inquire about the testing of wireless products in the backstage of the WeChat public account. Today, the editor of GMC will sort out the typical RF test items for you. Let’s take a look at the contents!

RF Typical Test Item 1
 Conducted spurious (CSE)
Radiated spurious (RSE)
frequency error
Phase error
Modulation Accuracy (EVM)
transmit power
code domain power
 Power Spectral Density
Open Loop Power Control (OLPC)
Closed Loop Power Control (CLPC)
Launch switch time template
time envelope
Adjacent Channel Leakage Ratio (ACLR)

RF Typical Test Item 2Spectrum Mask (SEM)
output spectrum
Occupied Bandwidth (OBW)
band edge
Transmit intermodulation
Maximum input level
Bad Frame Indicator (BFI)
Colleague interference
Adjacent channel interference
receive intermodulation
Receiver blocking

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