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FCC new version KDB 447498 regulation requirements

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FCC's new version of KDB 447498 regulations will be officially implemented on April 1, 2022

At the end of November 2021, the FCC official website released KDB 447498 D04 Interim General RF Exposure Guidance v01 (hereinafter referred to as V07 version) RF exposure guidance document for the transition period. The new version is modified and updated based on KDB 447498 D01 V06 requirements and FCC-19-126 regulations, and will be implemented from April 1, 2022


Major content updates

The new version of KDB 447498 issued by the FCC requires portable devices, especially those that support Bluetooth or other low-power, short-range devices (such as: Bluetooth headsets, bracelets, watches, mobile phones, notebooks, tablets, MP3, AR/VR devices, pedometers, etc.) have developed more stringent SAR evaluation requirements.

The power of 2.4GHz products is greater than 2.7mW (4.3dBm), and the power of 5G products is greater than 1mW (0 dBm), SAR measurement must be carried out to prove compliance. If the old version is below 10dBm, compliance can be proved by exempting from SAR testing.

From the date of release of V07 version, the V07 version KDB has been used in transition. During the transition period, the current V06 version is still available, and customers can choose V06 or V07 according to their needs (the new and old versions cannot be used in combination, only one of the two can be used). All applications submitted after April 1, 2022 must use the new version V07.


Comparison of the exemption rate (mW) between the old and new versions of SAR

Exemption changes for devices with a transmission power below 1mW: the operating distance and operating frequency are within the scope of SAR and MPE exemptions.


Calculation formula


Power Threshold Reference Example

Offers an alternative to SAR-based waivers - calculates ERP thresholds (MPE) based on frequency vs. distance relationships


Certification Application Notes

• Transition D04 guidelines must be used in full with other relevant revised KDB radio frequency exposure procedures and policies;

• Those who use the V06 version requirements during the transition period must submit an application to the FCC before March 31, 2022, but the old and new guidelines cannot be mixed;

• After March 31, 2022, all applications can only use the new version of the program (V07 version to be released);

• If the certification application includes pre-approved guidance items (KDB 388624) submitted before April 1, 2022, TCB can still use the V06 version requirements to apply after the deadline after obtaining PAG approval.

The implementation of the new FCC requirements will inevitably increase the testing time and certificate application cycle. If you need to know more details, you can contact GCE Electromagnetics to provide comprehensive evaluation and certification application planning for your products.


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