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"Guang" measuring the world · "Magnetic" is famous all over the world Congratulations on the grand opening of GTG Group's Wireless Testing Division!

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"Guang" measuring the world ☆ "Magnetism" is famous all over the world

Ten thousand feet tall buildings rise from the ground, and all industries will prosper and make money!

Congratulations on the grand opening of GTG Group's Wireless Division GMAG!

I wish the Guangmag team to work hard and create brilliant achievements!

Become the most popular "Radio Frequency Detection Leader"!


start sailing

Under the correct leadership of Jeff, chairman of GTG Guangtest Group, all employees work together to reform and innovate bravely. The group develops rapidly and is determined to become a leading enterprise in the industry! Under the leadership of General Manager Shawn, the GMC team is determined to forge ahead and strive to improve its technical capabilities and service quality. It is bound to become a professional radio frequency testing organization and create unprecedented success for GTG Guangtest Group!


Guangci Fengcai





forge ahead

The opening of GMC is another important milestone in the development of the new layout of GTG Guangce Group. Since its establishment, GTG Guangtest Group has grown to 6 subsidiaries under the support and affirmation of its customers and partners. Next, it will continue to make efforts in Guangdong and the whole country to establish a service based in Guangdong and radiate the whole country. Territory, adhering to the mission of "making the world safer and life better", continues to strengthen its testing technology capabilities and provide more considerate services to customers.









Start a new milestone ☆ Create a new future

Let us remember another important milestone of GTG Group together!

Let a more professional testing team help more customers!

Let the world's enterprises have no difficult testing and embarrassing certification!

Let us wish the GTG team a brilliant career!



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