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Professional organization for wireless/electromagnetic compatibility testing

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Guangdong Global Testing Technology Co.,Ltd.

Guangdong Global Testing Technology Co., Ltd. is specialized in certification and testing for Bluetooth WiFi, communication 2, 3, 4G, SRD wireless, smart home, medical, automotive electronic and other products, it can provide electromagnetic compatibility, radio frequency testing, GMA and other comprehensive services.

GCDC has established a complete electromagnetic compatibility (EMI, EMS) laboratory in South China,with one ETS-Lindgren 10M anechoic chamber, four 3M anechoic chamber, five shielding chambers and EMS immunity room, and multiple sets of internationally leading Bluetooth, WiFi and mobile phone testing equipment (such as WiFi 7 system using a full set of R & S equipment). The equipments have high stability, wide testing capacity, accurate test data, and 7 * 24-hours full-time coverage services.


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GCDC Service Advantage

  1. 12 years of focus on global certification testing of wireless products, always pay attention to the global dynamics of wireless certification, strong certification testing capabilities;
  2. A professional engineering and technical team led by a Ph.D. is proficient in the certification regulations and standard requirements of various countries and regions around the world, and has solid certification testing technology;
  3. The 30,000㎡ experimental base in South China is equipped with complete precision testing instruments and operates efficiently 7*24H to provide customers with accurate testing data;
  4. GCDC has maintained close cooperation with major institutions for a long time, and the test report has international credibility;
  5. Localized testing and certification of radio frequency, electromagnetic compatibility, safety regulations, energy efficiency, performance, etc., greatly shorten the certification cycle and reduce certification costs.
Service Advantage

GCDC Service Product

  • Bluetooth WiFi product testing and certification: Bluetooth headsets, Bluetooth speakers, Bluetooth watches, smart bracelets, Bluetooth modules, Bluetooth chips, routers, switches, wireless keyboards, wireless mice...
  • SRD wireless product testing and certification: electric toys, remote control toys, remote control airplanes, remote controls, wireless doorbells, selfie artifacts, label scanners, baby monitors, card readers, page presenters...
  • Communication 2, 3, 4G product testing and certification: tablet computer, wireless voice equipment, POS machine, drone, wireless network card, SCCM communication module, Internet of Things terminal, shared bicycle...
  • Smart home product testing and certification: smart door locks, smart cameras, smart vacuum cleaners, smart sweepers, smart lighting, smart switches, smart sockets, smart scales...
  • Testing and certification of medical electronic products: electronic thermometer, sphygmomanometer, blood glucose meter, massage pillow, hearing aid, foot physiotherapy instrument...
  • Testing and certification of automotive electronic products: vehicle communication, satellite positioning, driving recorder, overspeed monitoring, car audio, car player, sensor, smart rearview mirror...
Service Product

GCDC Service Items

Wireless Certification and Testing

Americas: FCC ID certification, ISED ID certification, etc.;

Europe: CE-RED certification, UKCA certification, etc.;

Asia: SRRC certification, NCC certification, TELEC certification, etc.;

Others: ANATEL certification, BQB certification, QI certification, WiFilogo certification, HDMI certification, etc.;

EMC Certification and Testing

Americas: FCC SDOC certification, ISED certification, etc.;

Europe: CE-EMC certification, etc.;

Asia: CCC certification, CQC certification, BSMI certification, KCC certification, VCCI certification, PSE certification, etc.;

Australia: C-TICK certification, RCM certification, etc.;

Service Items

GCDC Company Culture

Lofty mission: make the world safer and life better

Corporate vision: to become an internationally recognized testing organization

Team values: customer first, teamwork, creating a win-win situation

Personal values: honesty, professionalism, efficiency

Leadership Values: Integrity, Responsibility, Mindfulness

Quality Policy: Independence and Fairness, High Quality and Efficiency, Keeping Promises, Keeping Improving

Company Culture


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